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★试论《失乐园》中Satan的形象OntheImageofSataninParadiseLost  ★Fielding小说的现实主义意义TheRealisticSignificanceofHenryFielding’sFiction  ★《傲慢与偏见》中经济对婚姻的影响


★试论《失乐园》中Satan的形象On the Image of Satan in Paradise Lost

  ★Fielding小说的现实主义意义The Realistic Significance of Henry Fielding’s Fiction

  ★《傲慢与偏见》中经济对婚姻的影响The Economic Influence on Marriage in Pride and Prejudice

  ★桑提亚哥——海明威笔下的硬汉Santiago: A typical Hemingway’s Hero

  ★论Robert Frost的诗歌创作On Robert Frost’s Poetry

  ★《了不起的盖茨比》中的象征Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

  ★华滋华斯诗歌的自然观On William Wordsworth’s Naturalism

  ★论叶芝诗歌中的宗教思想On Religions Thoughts in W. B. Yeats’ Poetry

  ★劳伦斯笔下的女性形象On the Female Characters in D. H. Laurence’s Fiction

  ★试析哈代对英国诗歌之贡献On Hardy’s Contributions to English Poetry

  ★欧内斯特?海明威小说中的悲剧色彩The Tragic Color of Ernest Hemingway's Novels

  ★欧内斯特??海明威战争小说中的人道主义分析On the Humanism in Ernest Hemingway's War Stories

  ★亨利·詹姆斯作品中的心理描写On the Psychological Descriptions in Henry James’ Novels

  ★D. H. 劳伦斯小说中女性人物形象分析An Analysis on Women Images in D.H. Lawrence’s Novels

  ★爱米丽·迪金森的诗歌艺术特色On Artistic Features of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry

  ★欧·亨利短篇小说主题分析The Thematic Analysis of O’ Henry’s Short Stories

  ★杰克·伦敦《海狼》的心理分析Psychoanalysis of Jack London’s The Sea Wolf

  ★杜拉斯小说中的中国情结The Chinese Complex in Marguerite Duras’ Fiction

  ★人性的扭曲与异化——论卡夫卡的《变形记》The Distort and Alienation of Human Nature——On Kafka’s the Metamorphosis

  ★《廊桥遗梦》的弗洛伊德主题Freudianism in The Bridges of Madison County

  ★西奥多??德莱塞《嘉利妹妹》中的自然主义Naturalism in Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie


  ★从《秀拉》的男性人物形象看托妮??莫里森的女权思想Toni Morrison’s Feminist Vision Reflected in the Characterization of Sula’s Male Characters

  ★论马克吐温小说的黑色幽默On the Black Humor in Mark Twain Novels

  ★埃兹拉庞德诗歌的意象主义分析Imagism in Ezra Pound’s Poetry

  ★从功能语法角度分析演讲词的语境和衔接Analysis on Textual Context and Cohesion in Speech Writing

  ★大学生英语语用能力研究An Investigation of the Pragmatic Abilities of College Students



  ★英汉致使动词的对比研究A Contrastive Study of English and Chinese Causative Verbs

  ★英语委婉语的交际功能 A Contrastive Study of Lexical Features of English Advertisement and Chinese Advertisement

  ★英语委婉语的文化内涵的研究Study of Culture Connotation of English Euphemism

  ★后置形容词初探A Tentative Study of Post-posed Adjectives

  ★跨文化交际中的语用失误Pragmatic Failures in Cross-cultural Communication

  ★外语多媒体设计的语言学思考A Linguistic Point of View on Design of Foreign Language Multi-media

★文化语境与词汇内涵意义( Context of Culture and Connotative Meaning of Words)

  ★论新闻英语中的连贯问题On Coherence in News English

  ★论语篇中的英语习语On English Idioms in Text

  ★论形体语言在交际中的作用Functions of Body Language in Communication

  ★英汉拒绝语的对比研究The Contrastive Study on the English and Chinese Expressions in Refusing or Declining

  ★英汉习语的文化差异及翻译The Cultural Difference and Translation of English and Chinese idioms

  ★英语典故性成语的来源与汉译Derivation and Translation of English Phrasal Literary Quotations

  ★论as…as…的用法与翻译On the Use and Translation of “as…as…”

  ★浅析汉英翻译种的中式英语On the Chinglish in C-E Translation

  ★试论英汉翻译中的文化冲突A Study on Cultural Conflicts in E-C Translation

  ★英汉翻译中修辞手段初探On Rhetorical Methods in E-C Translation

  ★英语课堂中的文化教学Culture Teaching in an EFL Class

  ★论交际英语课堂教学的活动衔接On the Cohesiveness between Activities in a Communicative English Class

  ★论中学生词汇学习策略On Vocabulary Learning Strategy for Middle School Students

  ★试谈如何使用模拟辩论英语口语教学法The Teaching Methods by Means of Simulating Debate on Spoken English

  ★英语教学中的文化意识Culture Consciousness in the English Language Teaching

  ★文化差异与英语词汇教学Cultural Difference and Teaching of English Vocabulary

  ★交际性语言与英语课堂语境构建Communicative language and the Construction of English Classroom Context


  ★合作学习在英语教学中的应用Application of Cooperative Learning To English Teaching

  ★语境理论在英语阅读教学中的作用On Theory of Context In English Reading Teaching

  ★如何有效地利用母语思维提高学生的英语写作能力On Effectively Applying First Language to Improving Students’ Writing Proficiency

  ★作文评阅中的困惑与自主学习理念的切入Evaluation on Compositions in ELT: Facilitating Students’ Autonomous Learning

  ★学会学习 —— 中国外语学习者学习策略研究Learn How to Learn——A Study on Chinese EFL learners’ Learning Strategies

  ★英语听力学习策略对听力能力的影响Influence of Learning Strategies upon English Listening Comprehension

  ★中学生英语学习动机与英语教学Middle School Students’ Learning Motivation and It’s Implications In ELT

  ★减少焦虑:从英语课堂活动做起 Decreasing Anxiety Through ELT Classroom Activities

  ★英语课堂中的互动:情感与认知 Interaction in EFL Classroom: Affection and Cognition

  ★英语课堂中的文化冲击 —— 促进学生积极参与之良方 Cultural Shock in ESL Classroom —— An Approaching to Encouraging Active Participation

  ★英语写作教学中的“结果法”与“过程法”之比较 A Comparison Between 〝Product Approach〞and〝Process Approach〞

  ★元认知与大学英语词汇学习 Metacognition and EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Learning

  ★意识培养:英语语法教学的新思路The Awareness-raising Approach: A New Prospective on Grammar Teaching

  ★语言学习任务和自主性学习On Language Learning Tasks and Learner Autonomy

  ★课堂焦虑与中学生口语表达能力关系Correlations between Anxiety and College Students’ Oral Performance

★阅读与写作的互动及其教学思考Developing Interactive Reading and Writing in Classroom Teaching

  ★论外国文化知识在外语学习中的重要性On the Importance of Foreign Culture Knowledgein Foreign Language learning

  ★翻译教学法之我见On the Teaching of Translation

  ★影响EFL课堂互动的情感因素研究 A Study of the Affective Factors Influencing EFL Class Interaction

  ★中学生词汇学习策略调查 A Survey to the Lexicon Acquisition Strategies of Middle School Students

  ★EFL课堂互动中教师的中介作用 A Study of the Teacher as Mediator in EFL Classroom Interaction

  ★EFL课堂教学中的教师提问与课堂互动 A study to the role of question in EFL Classroom interaction

  ★英语专业学生在写作中运用的交际策略研究 A study to the Application of Communicative Strategies in English Major’s Writing

  ★EFL课堂教学心理环境调查与分析 An Investigation and Analysis to the Psychological Environment of EFL Class

  ★英语专业与非专业学生英语学习风格对比研究 A contrastive study to the Learning styles of English Majors and Non-English Majors

  ★英语专业学生阅读策略调查研究A Survey to the Reading Strategies of English Majors

  ★英语专业学生写作中的母语迁移现象 A Study to Native Language Transfer in English Major’s Writing

  ★元认知策略在英语专业学生听力理解中的应用 A Study of the Application of Metacognitive Strategy in Listening Comprehension of English Majors

  ★EFL课堂互动模式研究 A Study of the Interaction Patterns of EFL Class

  ★EFL课堂互动中的错误纠正 A Study of Error Correction in EFL Classroom Interaction

  ★英语专业学生学习动机调查与分析 A Survey and analysis to the Motivation of English Majors

  ★英语教师课堂行为与学生学习动机相关研究 A Study to the Relationship between Teacher Behavior in classroom and Students’ Motivation

  ★互动教学中语法教学的地位 The Role of Grammar Teaching in Interactive Teaching

  ★听力理解中的形式逻辑问题研究On Formal Logic in listening comprehension of English

  ★听力能力培养与词汇教学 on the cultivation of listening and teaching of vocabulary

  ★刍议外报外刊阅读与英语阅读能力的培养On Reading Foreign Newspapers and Magazines and Reading Ability Training

  ★英语教学中学生兴趣的激发Cultivation of Students’ Interest in English Teaching

  ★怎样组织英语语言学教学中的课堂讨论How to Organize Linguistic Seminars in China

  ★怎样充分利用第二课堂活动来提高学生语言技能与运用能力How to Make Full Use of the Extra Curriculum to Improve Students’ Language Skills their Applying Ability

  ★阅读技巧与阅读能力培养Reading Skills and Reading Ability Training

  ★英语听力理解的主要障碍及对策Major Interferences in Listening Comprehension and its Counter-measures

  ★英语语调教学探讨English Intonation Teaching Research

  ★试析英语写作汉式英语产生的根源An Analysis of the Causes of Chinglish in English Writing

  ★英汉语篇阅读模式差异对英语写作的影响The Influence of English and Chinese Context Patterns on English Writing

  ★自我监控策略与二语写作:大学生英语写作策略研究Self-monitoring strategy and EFL Writing: A Strategy-based study on Chinese Learners’ writing

  ★影响中国中学生英语写作的因素Factors Affecting Chinese Middle School Students’ English Writing

教师话语与第二语言习得Teacher Talk and Second Language Acquisition

  ★论泛读与词汇习得On the Role of Extensive Reading in Vocabulary Acquisition

  ★英语词汇教学方法探讨An Inquiry into Teaching Approach to English Vocabulary

  ★试论英美文化课程在英语专业能力培养中的作用On the Course of British and American Culture: Its Function in the Development of English Competence for English Majors

  ★EFL课堂中的小组活动研究 A Study of Group Work in EFL Class

  ★怎样组织英语语言学教学中的课堂讨论How to Organize Linguistic Seminars in China

  ★试论英语专业人才如何突出专业优势The English Specialty: Ways Out

  ★英语流行语的文化因素Cultural Factors of English Catchwords

  ★浅谈非语言交际中的身势语Body Language in Non verbal Communication


  ★英汉姓名的文化阐释Cultural Interpretations of English and Chinese Names

  ★身势语在不同文化下的差异Different Body Languages In Different Cultures

  ★英语语调在口头语篇中的意义The Communicative Value of Intonation in Spoken Discourse

  ★On the politeness and cooperation used in the language learning


  ★非言语行为在跨文化交际中的功能Functions of Non-verbal Behavious in Intercultural communication

  ★英汉礼貌用语对比研究The Contrastive Study on the Courteous Expressions in English and Chinese

  ★中西方不同思维模式在宗教文化中的体现The Presentation of Different Thinking Modes in Chinese and Western Religious Culture


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